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Fiery Central

Fiery Central is a powerful, comprehensive, PDF-based production workflow solution. It offers a toolset with Fiery Central Flow and/or Balance™ that automates repetitive tasks, customizes workflows and intelligently routes jobs for output enabling printers to process more jobs more efficiently. And, when the pressure is really on, users have the option to add single engines plus enhanced workflow and load balancing.

Funktioner och fördelar

Reducing costs by simplifying processes remains the best way for printing businesses to increase their margins.

Manufacturers of mid‐to‐high volume digital printing engines know that server‐based, operator‐centric software solutions help end users reduce the costs associated with the end‐to‐end manufacture of complex digitally printed documents.

With Fiery Central, Ricoh is responding to the market demand for increased automation and control and visibility into production print workflows. Fiery Central provides an integrated, server‐based PDF workflow and input/output management suite. It builds upon the proven strengths of EFI solutions in color production printing workflow, process management, centralized operator interface, late‐stage document editing, intelligent routing, load balancing and error recovery.

Fiery Central enables digital print users to harness technology, synchronize complex internal processes to satisfy customer expectations, and control those processes to reduce costs, shorten turn‐around times and drive bottom line profits.

Flow Features

  • Input: Starts the workflow process
  • Convert to PDF: Offers powerful conversions of multiple file types to PDF
  • Preflight: Checks parameters of incoming files with Enfocus PitStop preflight profiles
  • Output: Outputs jobs to Fiery Command Workstation®
  • Approve: Holds job until approval is received
  • Correct: Applies corrections or changes automatically from a PitStop script
  • Send: Sends files to a designated folder or via FTP
  • PDF-PS: Converts PDF back to Postscript
  • e-Print: Sends jobs to any PS printer
  • ColorWise: Color management task module that applies to ICC modules
  • Spot Manage: Detects the presence of spot colors
  • Imposition: Provides automated job imposition
  • Colorproof XF: Enables users to output jobs to a Colorproof XF driven device
  • Image Enhance: Corrects embedded RGB and CMYK images in PDF files

Balance Features

  • Fastest Single Engine selects the printer that matches exactly the job requirements, saving precious time and money
  • Color Split divides all documents across devices with the color pages going to the color printers and black

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