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Dataform Dialogservices employs over 300 employees, and produces approximately 100 millions mailings a year and sends out about 800,000 packages a year through its large logistics department. Its investment in a Ricoh Pro C901 Graphic Arts Edition has allowed Dataform to build its small volume and personalisation business. Most notably, together Dataform and Ricoh have created an end to end workflow for an important financial services client that is based on optimised data handling that minimises manual touch points. It is proving a very efficient and productive system for meeting the client's needs for a fast and accurate, personalised mailing service to its customers. Dataform is also benefiting from the Ricoh Business Driver Programme for identifying future trends that are relevant to it, and from the excellent service and support infrastructure that Ricoh offers.


  • Utmaning : Digital workflows and processes, Customer Engagement
  • Sektor : Other
  • Verksamhetsstorlek : Small & Medium Business
  • Tjänsteområde : Production Printing

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