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Ricoh Web Enablement Solutions Suite

An electronic bill presentment program is your route to expanded online services, and the Ricoh® Web Enablement Solutions Suite provides a set of tools – each tool is individually orderable – to simplify your migration to electronic delivery of customer information. You can preserve original document fidelity while you serve up information such as monthly invoices or statements.

Web Enablement transform software allows you to convert Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) and simple line data documents to Adobe® Acrobat® PDF. Using this solution, you can expand online services while you reduce costs.


  • Converts AFP and simple line data documents to PDF for immediate Web-browser viewing
  • Reduces printing and mailing costs by enabling electronic document delivery
  • Installs easily and runs on a variety of platforms
  • Requires no custom configuration on client workstations
  • Offers Ricoh AFP2PDF Transform to handle documents of high complexity, including Double Byte Character Sets
  • Offers Ricoh Line2PDF Transform to handle both ANSI and machine carriage control
  • Supports PDF encryption, linearization, password protection and digital signatures
  • Allows you to use search and navigation features to retrieve information and maneuver within multi-page documents
  • Easily integrates with IBM® Content Manager OnDemand, InfoPrint® Manager for Windows and InfoPrint Manager for AIX
Funktioner och fördelar

Ricoh AFP2PDF Transform and Ricoh Line2PDF Transform
Choose the capabilities you want via individual components within the Ricoh Web Enablement Solutions Suite.

Runs on a wide variety of platforms
Implement Web Enablement transform software quickly and easily in your business environment.

Runs on your Web server or other back-end application server
Avoid the time, disruption and expense associated with configuring client workstations.

Customised AFP transformation
Improve processing time and viewing. Create configuration files to substitute pregenerated graphics and images, such as logos, that appear regularly in your documents. Add images to emulate preprinted forms and/or colour to replace Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) shaded areas.

PDF file security
Increase control over your information with an added layer of security and encryption. Define owner to control modification, copying and printing. Define end-user passwords to control document access. Add a digital signature to provide another layer of security.

Integration with Content Manager™ OnDemand™, OnDemand Web Enablement Kit, WebSphere Information Integrator Content Edition and InfoPrint® Manager for Windows and InfoPrint Manager for AIX
Simplify and streamline content management throughout your enterprise.

Support for APIs and command line interfaces
Achieve greater flexibility by being able to use the Ricoh Web Enablement Solutions Suite transforms programmatically.


With the Ricoh Web Enablement Solutions Suite, you can transform Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) and simple line data documents to Adobe® Acrobat® PDF. With this solution, you can enable your business to serve up statements, invoices and other communications online. In addition, by integrating the Web Enablement Solutions Suite with other solutions such as IBM® Content Manager™ OnDemand™, Websphere Information Integrator Content Edition, InfoPrint® Manager for Windows and InfoPrint Manager for AIX, you can extend your content management system, archives and related workflow.

The Ricoh Web Enablement Solutions Suite offers the following capabilities:

  • Convert AFP and simple line data documents into PDF.
  • View and print PDF documents using Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Maintain AFP document fidelity.
  • Display images and text onscreen with the same fidelity as if they were printed.
  • Use search and navigation features to retrieve information and maneuver within multi-page documents.
  • Customize AFP document transformation with regularly used images, such as logos, color and more to reduce processing time and enhance viewing.
  • Add another layer of security to PDF files with passwords and encryption.
  • Transform complex AFP documents, including files that contain Double Byte Character Sets.
  • Transform simple line data documents that contain ANSI or machine carriage control.

Supported Platforms
The Ricoh Web Enablement Solutions Suite of products operates on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (or later), AIX 5.3 (or later), Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) V5 (or later) and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 10 (or later). For information on HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Linux (zSeries®), iSeries® (PASE or AIX LPAR), or OS/390®- z/OS® (USS), contact your Ricoh production specialist.

Client Software Requirements
Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 (or later) is all that is needed to view PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0.5 (or later) is need to view PDF documents that have been digitally signed.

Available Interfaces
With a C/C++, Java and command line interface, the Ricoh Web Enablement Solutions Suite can be integrated with applications distributing information on the World Wide Web.

Content Management Integration
Web Enablement transform software is designed to be fully integrated with IBM Content Manager OnDemand and the OnDemand Web Enablement Kit.

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